There are different parts to the collective. Currently there are 2 parts; artivism and music. In the past we will hope to add to this with sculpture, anarchitectural design, arts & crafts design, literature, poetry, theatre and film.

Graphic Art

Macarenses is our artivism wing and is accessible by the link MACARENSES


The Little League Rebellion is our music wing and is accessible by the link Little League Rebellion


We are not created by anyone. We are not owned by anyone. We are not controlled by anyone

















We are not robots.


We are not slaves


We are not subjects.


We discard these masks.



We have:



Free Will


We discard the masks to become alive again. It is our mission to show others the path too. Some have found ways to discard their masks; the unemployed, the runaways, the missing, those in communes and the dead. We must find a way too.


1.The Collective has been created to help disaffected artists, poets, musicians and intellectuals focus their hatred of the current world and ideals of a new world, into a programme of cultural action.

2. It is a response from artists against the debacle of civilisation and its values. It represents a revolt against culture by artists themselves, who, appalled by developments in contemporary society, have recognised that cultural action is a product, reflection and in support of that society and is therefore implicated.

3. The Regressive Collective stands for aggressive iconoclasm. We will attack existing canons of reason, taste, hierarchy of order and discipline in society. We will not compromise with a society in decay so we vow to start again. Nothing is immune from being the subject of our protests.

4. We will forget all that we have learnt, leaving this degenerate world behind. The Collective rejects the belief in progress outlined by the establishment - we cast doubt on the language, intellect and art it uses to represent its reality. This is not our reality. We do not believe their definition of Regression; for us it is not a return to a time where things are worse, but the one action that can save mankind. So we are abusing the current definition and appropriating it for ourselves.

5. Any cultural action that is not a protest of the current is immediately deemed a failure by us. As a result we will only pursue activities that are working to the ideals of this Manifesto.

6. We will use agit-prop and love-prop to voice our discontents.

We will use any medium at our disposal to achieve this.

We will have grass-roots campaigns to channel our direct action.


7. We will support other cultural activists and vice-versa on projects in line with the ideals of the Manifesto.

8. The futurists declared with the birth of the 20th century and the emergence of the new technological society that 'our hands are free enough and pure enough to start everything afresh...'. They saw beauty in speed and mechanics.

 We     declare     ourselves     not     Futurists    but     Pasturists!

We vow to age the modern and modernise the aged.

9. Man needs -

Education of what is progress and is not

        To accept that some of his creations need to be discarded

To recognise that which harms him and his world.

To realise that in destruction there is creation

To opt for those things which secure his survival

10. We will not allow the collective suicide of mankind to happen again.

  1. We are not merely Luddites. We are Neo-Luddites




The Collective is looking for a muse and would welcome a woman to come forward and apply. As the artistic muse of the Collective you would be required to lie around naked and inspire us as we work being creative.



 ............................for one last night on earth.............the final show of a round the world tour.......the greatest show of all time...........




Featuring ;

* the 'must have' culture  *  global warming  *  warfare  *  pollution  *  corporate domination  *  over-consumption  *  factory farming  *  exploitation of workers *   cheap labour *

The Collective currently has a number of on-going grassroot direct action campaigns. Let the artoteurs and artotage begin. Please see details below:

(W.A.N.K.) We Are Not Kultur Awards

The We Are Not Kultur or 'WANK' awards are given to those who have shown there is no beginning to their talents. Their work fills galleries up and down the country and is only deemed art because it is in a gallery. The artists think it is postmodern so it is highly ironic and they delight in confusing the wider public. Yet in being so ironic it is like people who say they are wacky; once you say you are whacky you negate all meaning of it. The wider public are not stupid - they realise that in being so ironic and witty you just at the end of it become idiotic and pointless. The work is meant to hold a light up to the art world and uses the most overused sentiment ever created - 'anti-art'. The first movements that were anti-art were indeed that but now the attempts just come across as mere pastiches of what was. And in hilarious irony that which was anti-art is now milked for commercial exploitation. Well, I don't know about you but there is so much irony out there that I have turned more often that I would have wished too. So I am going back to the beginning to start again.

(1) Tracey Emin (2) Damien Hurst (3) Simon Starling (4) Bruce Nauman (5) Grayson Perry (6) Martin Creed (with more to add in the future no doubt....)


We do not splice bovine flesh and show it for public infamy.

We do not sail aged sheds for the sake of critical spectacle.

We do not draw like children and call it adult art.

We do not pipe random noise to a public hall and call it a musical.

We are not Kultur.


We do not show ourselves amongst you,

Yet you know that we exist.

We express ourselves through talent.

We do what they will not.

We bring pleasure where they puzzlement;

We bring delight where they bring distaste;

We bring modesty where they bring mediocrity;

We bring affection where they bring apathy.

We are not Kultur.


We complete the circle.

We make the unmade bed.

We build the bricks into a house

And use the garden shed.

And when the lights do not go on or off...

We call the electrician.

We are not Kultur.